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A life of seaside tranquillity

Nestled on the sheltered southern shores of Sydney’s exclusive Northern Beaches, Newport thrives. This tranquil haven, once known as the Sirsi Marina, now stands as a testament to Newport’s maritime legacy. Here, the allure of serene bay inlets, bustling marinas and picturesque local landmarks harmoniously coexist, creating a coastal lifestyle that is both cherished and unmatched.

Set sail for greatness

Positioned along the shores of Pittwater, The Moorings welcomes a discerning community of water enthusiasts to savour the epitome of seaside bliss and embrace the quintessence of a laid-back village lifestyle.

A coastal odyssey awaits

Venture towards the beachside, where waves lap at the golden sands of Newport Beach. Bask in uninterrupted coastal panoramas and relish the magnificence of nature as you meander your way to Bilgola Heads. And when adventure calls, explore the cherished local gem overlooking Bungan Beach.

Where life simply flows

Where life simply flows

In Newport’s village, time moves at its own unhurried pace, inviting you to set your worries aside and appreciate each moment. The village is a sanctuary for connoisseurs of life’s finer pleasures, boasting a curated selection of boutiques, fine dining and charming local cafes.