Creating Residential

fenbury developer

Innovative, collaborative, and committed to pushing boundaries in the world of construction and urban planning, Fenbury is dedicated to creating state-of-the-art residences. We reimagine what iconic living looks and feels like while respecting the unique character of the local settings. We do this by blending cutting-edge visual designs with sustainability and functionality to craft spaces that are distinctive and stand as true works of art.


Scott Carver embodies refined influence, seamlessly merging sophisticated design with insightful practices. Their creations elevate the human experience, enrich communities, and foster prosperity. Grounded in user-centric principles and propelled by ambition, they challenge conventions, ensuring better opportunities and enhanced experiences for all. Through collaborative design, Scott Carver blends diverse perspectives to craft transformative environments that redefine standards with understated elegance.


Domain Projects represents the epitome of exclusivity in real estate, specialising in delivering high-end luxury residences to the esteemed Northern Beaches. Since their inception in 1996, their team has worked alongside the finest architects, interior designers, developers and builders to ensure every property sold adds the utmost sophistication to the coveted Northern Beaches community.


CBRE is the world’s premier full-service real estate company, with over 300 offices across the globe. When it comes to premium property development, CBRE understands what is important to purchasers who are investing in the lifestyle and community of the future.
Offering 20 years of experience and resources, they have the people and systems to look after every detail throughout the lifecycle of the project – right through to settlement.